rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
Performing Idea

Creative Spaces


2nd-6th October 2010, Whitechapel Gallery and Toynbee Studios

Performing Idea Creative Spaces were practical workshops led by the internationally renowned artists Janine Antoni, Ong Keng Sen and Julie Tolentino. Each workshop also featured a respondent to act as witness and/or co-facilitator. The respondents were Matthew Goulish, Tellervo Kalleinin and Ron Athey. Descriptions of each workshop and photographic documentation by Hugo Glendinning can be found below and through their individual threads on the left hand column.


Janine Antoni

With Matthew Goulish as respondent

2nd-6th October

“For this workshop our bodies will be our primary tools of expression. We will dance, move and use our bodies in unconventional ways. I believe that knowing oneself intimately opens up the possibility of using one's strengths and weakness in the service of art. Be prepared for an inner investigation. I would like us to learn from each other without hierarchy, therefore the group dynamic is a key component of the workshop. We will not produce anything but rather focus on exploration and experience with an eye towards sharpening our awareness and communication skills. The investigations will enrich our artistic and thoughtful practices as we engage with sources and materials across different artistic forms” – Janine Antoni.

This workshop was designed for artists and researchers working in and on performance and the visual arts with interests in embodiment, creative process and the dynamics of perception.