rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
3. Potentials of Performance


with Fabiola Paz

This small project aims to re-articulate the potentiality of cultural performance.
The project consists in placing the process of making and staging performance (art) alongside and in the place of the everyday performance of labour and production. We propose the exploration of new models of social encounters and communication in the interaction between different kinds of ‘publics’. The connecting thread is that of performance as a technology irreducibly bound up with the activity of bodies.
What is critical here is that it is through performance as act/s of concurrent actual production that social meanings are produced. In this schema, the terms of the economy of representation shift. Actions don't just stand in for or signify concepts, ideas or things, nor are they images signs that ceaselessly circulate; rather, meaning is produced as an embodied, situated event that produces reality.
Thus, we envision new political possibilities in the shift from discussing ON the matter to acting THROUGH the matter of performance suggesting an emergent rather than a representational practice.

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