rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
3. Potentials of Performance

You have one unread message

You have one unread message aims to share and discuss questions and concerns arising from the state I currently find myself in, that of finishing a PhD academically framed research wishing to explore other modes of research through more and more intense artistic collaborations. Starting from the potentials of my ‘post-PhD’ artistic work I will explore the potentials of performance in a much broader sense through written interactions with people I have met on various occasions. This will take the form of an online project that will move dia-logically (through and across –written– speech) as a one-off email exchange between different recipients and myself. Occupying the space of an otherwise mundane activity (that of emailing) You have one unread message will create a mailing list aiming to expand and exhaust the question ‘What are the potentials of performance’ through the different voices and directions that its dialogue will take.

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