rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
3. Potentials of Performance



For 2011/2012, Performance Matters commissioned the Associate Researchers to engage in a series of Dialogue Projects over a duration of six months. Each researcher addressed the theme of 'Potentials of Performance' through their own practice and interests, exploring the dialogue as a creative and discursive format. You can navigate the menu on the left to view information about each Dialogue Project.

Each project also featured its own weblog, in which researchers reflected on their research processes and interrogated some of the questions concerning 'potential.' The weblogs can be in the found  Words and Images section of the website.



Lisa Alexander, Minimum Being

A symbolic measurement of a minimum wage applied in concrete terms on (a) human-being, the performance of work disclosing its application.    

From now until the end of 2012, a bank of recordings of the performance of work will be collected from different countries across Europe. The minimum wage (or equivalent) in each country will provide the measure of time. The accumulation of material will set-up a dialogue, which articulates itself in the temporal enactment of labours in juxtaposition with each other, as tied to an economic measurement of time. The cut length of a recording will correspond to its actual labour value according to country at the time of filming. An arbitrary measurement, but nonetheless a concrete descriptor of Europe-specific economies of time and its performance. Does any performance lie outside this logic and the differing qualities of subjectivity which it produces?

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