rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
3. Potentials of Performance

Talking Tabloid Trans

This dialogue considers the potentials of trans performances featured in tabloid culture (TV, Newspapers, digital media).  The dialogue will be carried out between Jay Stewart and printer artist, Ralph Fox.  Fox featured in a Channel 4 documentary series My Transsexual Summer, which was broadcast in November/ December 2011. With ratings of over 2 million viewers it has proved to be the most popular documentary series that features trans people.  

Trans lives featuring in tabloid and mass media are posited as negative, discriminatory, trashy, spectacular and scandalous. Such representations are often critiqued by trans people themselves, but whilst the dialogue project will mark this - it will also ask:  do such ‘popular’ performances of trans have potential? Can such potential, for example, be found in queer projects that look to expose the normative regulative structures that operate in mainstream media, and also contemplate how this forms and contributes to pro-outsiderness and subcultural collectives.

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