rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
3. Potentials of Performance

The O Show

A Potentials of Performance Special Edition

Do you want to find out about the lives of performance artists? Do you need to know how they balance the challenges of making art, paying the bills and finding love?
Oriana Fox hosts the kind of chat show you’ve always wanted to see. The O Show provides fresh inspiration and straight talk from the mouths of artists and performers. Oriana, her guests and staff psychologists provide the tools you need to make a change – if not in the world – then at least in your little corner of it.
Are symptoms to be explored through years of soul-searching psychoanalysis or ‘cured’ with short-term, solution-focused, cognitive behavioural tactics? Do live artists act against self-inhibiting, irrational beliefs or is their work the expression of a symptom, neurosis or pathology? How can performance serve therapeutic ends?
Join Oriana, guest artists and psychologists and find out all the answers!  

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