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Trashing Performance

Lois Weaver with Bird la Bird, Amy Lamé and Carmelita Tropicana: FeMUSEum


Musing Muses and FeMUSEum Ribbon Cutting
28 October
Toynbee Studios, Theatre

FeMUSEum (ongoing installation)

29 October
Toynbee Studios

FeMUSEum opened with Musing Muses, a performative conversation between Lois Weaver, Bird la Bird, Amy Lamé and Carmelita Tropicana with special local guests considering feminine lineage and legacy. Musing Muses was followed by a Ribbon Cutting and Private View of FeMUSEum.

Since the early 80’s, Lois Weaver, Carmelita Tropicana, and more recently, Amy Lamé and Bird la Bird, have been making performances that celebrate the drag queen in all of us. They are the women who impersonate women. They embrace the best and worst of popular culture and create larger than life personas that not only entertain, seduce and cajole but also resist and challenge expectations of what it means to be female. FeMUSEum brings these 4 generations of ultra femmes together to share their lineage and legacy of performance and femininity.  By creating performance exhibits that pay tribute to their individual femme muses, they will build their own museum and throw a party that celebrates their sometimes overlooked and often forgotten feminine and feminist inspirations.

Full video documentation of Trashing Performance is available to view at the Live Art Development Agency Study Room and the British Library