rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
Trashing Performance

Trash Salon: How to do things with waste?


25 October 2011

Toynbee Studios, Court room

A Salon hosted by Performance Matters researchers Augusto Corrieri and Owen Parry

With presentations by associate researchers Lis Austin, Mathias Danbolt, João Florêncio, Oriana Fox, Mariella Greil, Eeva-Marie Haikala, R. Justin Hunt, Tero Nauha, Katerina Paramana

PhD researchers and artists from Goldsmiths, University of London and University of Roehampton kick-started the week’s events by sharing their ‘wasted works.' At the Trash Salon, presentations, papers and performances and various show-and-tell formats explored and put to question those ideas, works, and projects that for various reasons were unfinished, refused, rejected, thrown out, and interrupted: the sketch in the notebook, the unsuccessful project proposal, the unaccomplished element, the event that was cancelled. What happens to these wasted works and ideas, and what are their potentials, if any?

Does showing wasted work imply salvaging it from the trash heap? Is recuperating and transforming waste enough? Or might we think about the ways we reflect upon, present and perform these wasted works? These were some of the questions explored at the salon.

Full video documentation is available to view at the Live Art Development Agency Study Room and the British Library