rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance
3. Potentials of Performance

Talking with Strangers: What is Violence?

Through gestures, performance can question how ideas and values are constructed, circulated and reproduced. At the same time, performance, as a field of scholarly and artistic practice, can become 'autistic' – revolve continuously around itself. If performance is to aid the transformation of society, we need to displace ourselves and allow for intruders: place our dialogues in different contexts and allow voices from different disciplines and countries to intrude into our context. 

This project invites participants from different countries and disciplines to respond in the medium of text, image or video to the question ‘What is violence?’ which is sent to them via email. What is the potential of such a gesture? What kinds of objects ensue from this process and what ideas and values do they carry? The invited responses will be exhibited as an installation and participants will engage in a live dialogue about the project, its questions and potentialities.

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